Top 10 Best Android Games 2020

Best Android Games 2020
          Hello friends, we will talk today about top 10 best android games launched in 2020, you should try these games on your Android device. Children like to play more games. Elders can also play this game. This game is very entertaining. This top 10 game is very popular. All these games are Android, it can be played online. These games are played only for time pass or recreation. This top 10 is the most popular game in the world. This top 10 list changes every year as games often play and leave the game. This Top 10 contains the most popular games. Now-a-days people and children also play games in mobiles more and more, now less people play outdoor games. Android mobile usage is also more and older as well as children have started using Android mobile at a young age. They need some new games. That's why we are going to tell about the top 10 Best Android games in the world in our top 10 today, so let's see which are the top 10 games.

1. Asphalt 8 Airborne 

Best Android Games 2020

          This is a racing game, its graphics are very good. It also has all the places and all the cities. In this, you can make the car run faster by using nitro power. You can fly the vehicle in the air using a jump in it. This game is multiplayer. As you play this game, your points will become higher. And you will also get new sport cars that you can race. Very good super cars will also be available in this game. This game is very good, you must play this game. This is the No. 1 game of our Top 10.

2. 8 Pool

Best Android Games 2020

          This is also a very popular game, this game is also played by a lot of people. This game is very interesting. The total in this game is 14 balls. If you enter 4 balls inside a vole, then 7 balls will be in your hands. If you get a ball from 8 to 15, then from 8 to 15 the ball becomes yours. You have to enter a ball from 4 to 15 to win. As you continue to win, your level will be high and you will also get points. In this game you will also get a lot of surprise boxes. And you will also get a lot of sticks in it. This game is multiplayer so you can play it with anyone. This is the 2nd of the top 10. Is a game of

3. Candy Crush

Best Android Games 2020

          This game contains a lot of colorful candy. If you get a candy of the same color you get its bonus points. There is also a lot of powerful candis in this game so you can earn more points. As you keep winning, your level will get higher. It also has a lot of  logos. There are many levels in it, as you win, your level will increase. Children play this game more. This is the third game of our list, it is included in the top 10.

4. Subway Surfers  

Best Android Games 2020

          This is the top 10 key game. The guy in this game writes subway surfers with color spray. And the man on the railway track sees him, then the man chases him with his dog to catch him. So in this game you have to run and collect points and also avoid the train. As you continue running, its speed will become higher. On the way, you will also find a lot of surprise boxes, in which you also get scating, you can also use it. You can also collect points from that. Very fun to play this game.

5. Temple Run 2 

Best Android Games 2020

          The graphics of Temple Run 2 are very good. In this game there is an old temple, there is a monster inside, as soon as you start playing this game, that monster will chase you and you have to run. And while running, you also have to collect points. On the way there is a broken place, there is water and there is plenty of water. You have to walk all the way through the tree and avoid the road. If you get stuck then that monster will catch you. If the points you get on the way are full then you will get protection from it. You will not die from it and will be able to walk a little further. Nothing will deter you from it, it will also increase your speed. As you keep going, your speed will become high.

6. Bubble Shooter 

top 10 Best Android Games 2020 

          In this game you have to burst the bubble. The bubble of the bean color has to break. And every level gets some task. Like it has to release 6 Baby Panda from some limited balls. If the bubbles run out the game will be over. But the place where you get bonus points, then your level will be high. This game is very intersting. These children like it more than the color bubble. This game is very easy. It only has to win points. You will win more than that.

7. Hill Climb Racing 2

Best Android Games 2020
          Hill Climb Racing 2 is an upgrade game. You will enjoy playing it very much, in this game there are high paths, then you will have to play properly. In this game you will also get many Dresses and many cars with which you can racing. In this, you will cross the winning level, you will also get new vehicles. If you win, then this game will be over.

8. Mini Militia 

Best Android Games 2020

          This is a very good shooting game. Very many avatars are given in it. This game is multiplayer so over time you can play it. You can play this game with a minimum of 5,6 friends. In this game you can shoot and kill your enemy. This shooting game is very intersting. You can play this game easily And all that is hate. This is the 8th game of the list, it is included in the top 10.

9. Angry Birds 2 

Best Android Games 2020

          In Angry 2, a lot of birds go to the island to steal the eggs of the whole green pig birds. And the birds that are angry become angry. And all the birds go to the boar's island and attack them and bring back their eggs. There are many multistages in this game. Kill pigs with bombs. Its graphics are quite good. Very fun to play this game. This is the 9th game of this top 10.

10.Clash of Clans 

Best Android Games 2020

            This game is very popular, it is played by many people. In this, you have to get killer lane for your safety. And you can also attack someone else's kingdom. You also get bonus points and gold after winning. This game is multiplayer so you can play it with your friends too. This game works very well.

This is the last game of this top 10. People play it with great liking.

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